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The NLG-NYC Floyd / BLM Civil Litigation Taskforce is an anti-racist entity and an anchor to the legal representation of and advocacy for protesters who are disproportionately affected by the impact of police brutality, mass incarceration, and systemic racism.

The Taskforce is offering quality legal representation of and advocacy for protesters involved in Floyd / BLM-related protests that took place in New York City beginning in May 2020, including both arrestees and people who were detained or injured. The Taskforce can also assist affected individuals with potential civil remedies, including civil litigation as well as how to protect and pursue their rights before any entity investigating any aspect of the protests.

Finally, the Taskforce pursues not only individual claims related to the Black Lives Matter uprisings in response to the murder of George Floyd, but also addresses structural issues, targeting the City and the NYPD as institutions — an important distinction as the movement calls for systemic change.

To Join the Taskforce:

Membership in the Taskforce is open to any lawyer, law student, or legal worker who is committed to working in an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and collaborative manner.

Prospective members can:

  • already have a case resulting from the recent protests, or
  • be experienced in plaintiff-side § 1983 civil rights litigation and want to take on a case or cases,
  • or have a desire to learn civil rights litigation. The Taskforce is seeking BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women, and other attorneys and legal workers traditionally and systemically excluded from the civil rights bar who would like to be mentored in civil rights litigation by more experienced members.

If you would like to join the Taskforce as an experienced attorney/ legal worker or for mentorship opportunities please follow the links below:

Attorney Join Form
NLG NYC Floyd/BLM Taskforce Mentor/Mentee
Research Volunteers

To Get Help:

If you believe the NYPD violated your rights, including to protest free from police abuse and violence, during the recent George Floyd/Black Lives Matter demonstrations, you may submit an inquiry here: Civil Claim Inquiry  and we will connect you to a lawyer who can provide legal advice to help you in evaluating any remedies – such as reporting police misconduct, or seeking damages or policy change through civil litigation – that may be available to you.

Your inquiry to us will be a privileged attorney-client communication. However, we ask that you keep your initial communication brief: Provide ONLY your name, phone number, email, and the date, time, and location of the occurrence.