To request Legal Observers at your New York Event, please complete the request form or call the NYC Guild Office at 212-679-6018.

Be sure to have the following information available when you call.

Your Name or the contact person’s name
Your Organization
Telephone (if available)
Date of Event
Location of Event
Expected Participants
Have you applied for permits?

The New York City National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Committee does its best to cover every event that requests Legal Observers. Please bear in mind as you place your request, however, that Legal Observers are volunteer attorneys, law students and legal workers who may not be available during your proposed time. If possible, we ask that requests be placed as early as possible, although we understand that it is sometimes impossible to plan some events too far ahead.

If you would like to speak to a lawyer regarding obtaining a permit or other demonstration matters, please call the office at 212-679-6018. NO EMAILS PLEASE. The Mass Defense Committee will do its best to give legal information, however, not every request may be able to be filled.


Please contact nlgnyc at to schedule a training for your law shool or organization.

The National Lawyers Guild Legal Observers are contacted via email regarding upcoming events. To sign up for this listserv, please email nlgnyc at or call the office at 212-679-6018. Have the following information available when calling or emailing:

Application to Legal Observe:
-Full Name
-Date of Training
-Status (Attorney, Law Student, Legal Worker, Videographer)
-Preferred Areas (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Times Square, etc)
-Preferred Times (Weekends, Weekdays, Eves, etc)
-Telephone (work, cell, home)
-Email Address

The NYC MDC Listserv is a closed and moderated list. All postings are restricted to Legal Observing events and information pertaining to the purpose of Legal Observers. All memberships and postings are subject to MDC approval.