If you received a Summons or Desk Appearance Ticket, DAT and would like to speak to an attorney, please call (212) 679-6018.

If you believe the NYPD violated your rights, including to protest free from police abuse and violence, during the recent George Floyd/Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the NLG-NYC may be able to help! Email [email protected]. We will connect you to a lawyer who can provide legal advice to help you in evaluating any remedies – such as reporting police misconduct, or seeking damages or policy change through civil litigation – that may be available to you.

Your email to us will be a privileged attorney-client communication. However, we ask that you keep your initial communication brief: Provide ONLY your name, phone number, email, and the date, time, and location of the occurrence. 

Link to full list of resources: NLG-NYC-Arrestee-Info-Session-Summer2020