Dear Guild friends,

When the urgent call went out for legal support in Tijuana, the Guild stepped up, as we always do; amplifying the voices of local organizers and taking our cues from those seeking support; practicing people’s law.

This message from NYC Mass Defense Committee Co-chair MM says it all:

I began my first day on the ground in Tijuana at the daily legal meeting. There I met tired but amazing organizers and lawyers and legal workers going non-stop to triage the legal needs of these immigrants. Some are living and working down here in Tijuana. But many, like myself, are here to lend a temporary hand. As much as the immigrants need food, clothes, shelter, and medical care, they want to know their legal options. They want to know about the process. Trying meet that legal need under these grossly inadequate materials conditions is a challenge.

Every morning I’ve headed to the border crossing where migrants gather every morning to see if they can cross. I’ve been monitoring police activity, and how many migrants are called out to present themselves to the US. This is where the small, but dedicated group of Legal Observers begin the morning. We are from all over the US, and some are from Tijuana. It’s definitely different than Legal Observing in the US, but we have our green hats and we know what to do. In the short time I’m able to be here, I have ended up doing anything I can to be useful. Last night I found myself at a large Mexican mall buying as many tents as a $300 donation would get us. I’ve done legal clinics, but I’ve also sorted clothes.

It is in times like these when Guild members come through, going all in and giving everything they have.  Since 1937, the NYC Chapter has been home to those seeking a community that uses law to advance and defend the human and civil rights of immigrants, workers, activists, communities of color, LGBTQ people and people with disabilities. In short –  people’s lawyers.

Because the Guild is deeply invested in the practice of law for the people, we have no big foundation or corporate contributors. We depend on our members and supporters to keep up our work.

Please consider giving a year-end contribution to the NLG-NYC to help sustain our work.

You may donate online at or make a tax deductible contribution of 100. or more by sending a check payable to: The NLG-NYC Chapter Foundation, 168 Canal Street, 6th Floor, NY NY 10013

Thank you in advance for your support!

Warmest regards,

Andy Izenson

Susan Howard
Executive Director

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