The Animal Rights Activism Committee (National)

The Animal Rights Activism Committee works to end oppression and exploitation of non-human animals with an intersectional lens.

We work to incorporate animal liberation into broader radical Left politics while remaining focused and committed to an intersectional analysis. We provide legal support and resources to animal rights activists, and work in coalition with other groups to liberate non human animals. Through the relationship between animal rights activists and the progressive legal community, we engage in substantive animal rights advocacy and activism.
Visit our Facebook page: or email us at aracanimalrights at

Environmental Committee
Joel Kupferman, Chair
envjoel at
The NLG-NYC Environmental Justice Committee fights for climate justice, environmental sustainability in Haiti by staving off the IMF, fights oil refineries on behalf of the Indigenous Environmental Network, goes after bad landlords and employers for toxic conditions, saves parks from going private and artificial turfed ‐- all while learning environmental commando law and forming the largest environmental law firm/network (on the good side).

Housing Committee
nlgnyc at
The Housing Committee supports tenants’ rights and the cause of affordable housing.

Labor and Employment Committee
Cristina Gallo, Co-Chair at
Alek Felstiner, Co-Chair
alek.felstiner at
The NLG-NYC Labor and Employment Committee brings progressive lawyers together who are fighting for workers’ rights, both in the union and the non‐union context.

Mass Defense Committee
Ben Meyers, Co- Chair
ben.meyers at
Elena Cohen, Co-Chair
elena.l.cohen at

The NLG‐NYC Mass Defense Committee (MDC) was created in 1968 to provide legal support in NYC to the anti‐racist and anti‐Vietnam war movements. The MDC recruits and trains legal observers to protect First Amendment rights of expression by documenting police misconduct and arrests of protestors at political demonstrations. The MDC also recruits and coordinates pro bono Guild lawyers to represent protest arrestees in court.

Mass Incarceration Committee
Nora Carroll, Chair
carroll.nora at

Newsletter Committee
Susan Howard, Chair
nlgnyc at

Next Generation Committee
nextgen at
The NLG-NYC Next Generation Committee (Next Gen) welcomes progressive law students, recent graduates, legal workers, young lawyers, and law school candidates in the NYC area interested in radical lawyering and social change. Next Gen sponsors social events and works to support and sustain the “next generation” of the Guild.