NLG-NYC Labor & Employment: Know Your Rights Cards Now Available!

With financial support from the NLG Foundation and much hard work, the NYC-NLG Labor & Employment Committee’s Know Your Rights: A 2015 Guide for Workers in New York City palm cards are finally here.

The cards, in Spanish and English, provide information regarding various local, employment-related rights, including rights to minimum wage, overtime, paid and unpaid leave, and to organize, among others.  The Committee partnered with MFY Legal Services, Inc., which will be distributing half of the cards we have printed to workers and clients.  The Committee will be working with local advocacy groups to develop a distribution plan for the remainder of the cards, and for future printed editions.

The cards are available for download here, and there are printing/folding instructions available here.  Feel free to print and disseminate among workers and advocates.

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