Animal Rights Action Committee Social Justice Cookbook Now On Sale!

Purchase a copy of the ARAC Social Justice Cookbook today!

In the 1970’s, the National Lawyers Guild compiled members’ favorite recipes and published the Guild’s first-ever Social Justice Cookbook.  The last copy was sold at the 2013 Spring Fling.  Now, the NYC Chapter of the NLG Animal Rights Activism Committee is thrilled to announce the completion of an updated edition of this radical cookbook, highlighting how today’s struggles against oppression and inequality are directly related to what we eat.

The personal is political. Each time we sit down to eat, we make not solely a personal choice, but also a political one.  This second edition of the Social Justice Cookbook, which includes recipes from NLG members as well as former and current political prisoners, addresses a variety of food justice issues, including environmental issues, sustainability, affordable access to healthy food as a right and not a privilege, and animal liberation.

As with other food justice and social justice issues, eating animals is no more a personal choice than oppressing other humans is a personal “choice”.  This cookbook aims to show animals as living, loving, and loved individuals, rather than as meals.  On a broader scale, we hope this cookbook begins to make long-overdue connections between the radical Left and animal liberation.  If we are truly an anti-oppression movement, then we stand in solidarity with all beings subjected to violence and oppression worldwide: the undocumented, the incarcerated, communities of color, the occupied, political dissidents, and those whose bodies are treated merely as reproductive machines, fabric, entertainment, food, and for scientific torture/experimentation. We hope that, next time you sit down to eat, you make compassionate choices–and we hope that this cookbook helps you do that.


Social Justice Cookbook

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