NLG-NYC attorneys challenge NYPD surveillance of Muslim communities

NLG-NYC attorneys filed a motion in Federal Court on Monday challenging the NYPD’s surveillance of Muslim communities, arguing that this program violates the Handschu guidelines.

The Handschu agreement, named for lead plaintiff, Barbara Handschu, was the result of a 1971 class action suit over the harassment of activist groups by the police’s “Red Squad”.  The lawsuit led to a set of Federal regulations governing police investigations of political activists and religious groups.  NLG-NYC attorneys Martin R. Stolar and Franklin Siegel, along with attorneys Paul Chevigny, Jethro Eisenstein and Arthur Eisenberg, have been the attorneys on the case for over 40 years. Both Martin and Franklin are past presidents of the NLG-NYC.

Read more about the court filing and Handshu v. Special Services Division here.

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