NLG “Know Your Rights” Booklet Now Available in Arabic, NLG-NYC Establishes Muslim Defense Committee

NLG Know Your Rights Booklet in Arabic cover
"Know Your Rights" Booklet Now Available in Arabic

The NLG National Office‘s popular “Know Your Rights” booklet is now available in Arabic and may be downloaded here. The 14-page booklet was published in response to the ongoing unwarranted surveillance of Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities by local and federal law enforcement agencies.  Call the NLG National Office at 212-679-5100 to order a free print copy of the booklet.

The New York City Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG-NYC) recently formed its Muslim Defense Committee to provide legal support to the Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities in the New York metropolitan area and beyond.  Read the Muslim Defense Committee’s November 14, 2011 statement in which it condemns the NYPD and CIA surveillance, harassment, infiltration and persecution of Muslim, Arab and South Asian communities and demands an independent investigation. Learn more about the work of the NLG-NYC’s Muslim Defense Committee by emailing [email protected].

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