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By admin, April 17, 2011 6:06 pm

Do you work with a community that has frequent encounters with police?

Do you or your friends get stopped by the police for no reason? Are you a teacher whose students are the target of aggressive policing inside or outside of schools?

The NLG-NYC Street Law Team, a group of law students from various New York City law schools, are available to come to your location to do a workshop, Know Your Rights: What to Do if You’re Stopped by the Police.

What’s in a workshop?
The workshop gives you a chance to talk about the police and your rights when the police stop or search you. We take apart a police encounter – from a conversation, to detention, to arrest – and talk about how to protect your rights.

Workshops include:

* Practical advice for getting through a police encounter safely and calmly;
* Constitutional rights and why they are important;
* Answers to tough questions like, “If they are going to search you anyway, why bother saying you don’t consent?”; and,
* Role-play exercises of typical encounters with the police.

This training lasts an hour and a half and is appropriate for groups of 5 to 50 youths and/or adults. You will receive a “What to Do if You’re Stopped By the Police” palm card. Workshops are available in English and Spanish. Complete the Street Law Workshop Request Form or email to set up a workshop for your group.

Some basic advice:
You have the right to remain silent. You do not need to answer any questions asked by law enforcement. Just say, “My lawyer says I shouldn’t talk to you without him/her here. I want a lawyer.”

You should not consent or agree to any searches. If the police want to search you, say loudly and clearly, “I do not consent to this search.” Saying nothing is the same as consenting to a search.

If the police say you are free to go, then leave!

Request a workshop for your group online.

QUESTIONS? Email streetlaw at

Download our brochure here.

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