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The projects of the NYC chapter are the following:

Anti-Racism Committee
Garrett Wright
garrettwright1 at
The NYC-NLG Anti-Racism Committee works toward the elimination of structural racism and other forms of structural oppression in the Guild through internal work with membership and committees to develop anti-racist analysis, which creates projects and alliances with people’s struggles in New York City for racial justice and against all forms of oppression.

Animal Rights Committee
animalrights at
The Animal Rights Activism Committee works to end oppression and exploitation of non-human animals. The committee engages Guild members to advocate for changes in the law to recognize the rights of non-human animals, and to provide legal support and resources to animal rights activists. It works in coalition with other groups to fight–in the courts and in the streets–to liberate non-human animals.
Visit our facebook page:

Events Committee:
Hillary Exter, Chair
hexter at
The Events Committee is involved in a range of educational work (CLEs, programs, discussions, and other activities) to engage and increase member involvement in the range of social justice work that’s at the core of the NLG mission.
We welcome your participation by suggesting topics and/or speakers for programs, helping produce events.

Environmental Committee
Joel Kupferman, Chair
envjoel at
The NLG-NYC Environmental Justice Committee fights for climate justice, environmental sustainability in Haiti by staving off the IMF, fights oil refineries on behalf of the Indigenous Environmental Network, goes after bad landlords and employers for toxic conditions, saves parks from going private and artificial turfed ‐- all while learning environmental commando law and forming the largest environmental law firm/network (on the good side).

Feminist Caucus
feministcaucus at

Housing Committee
Steven Dobkin, Chair
sdobkin at
The Housing Committee supports tenants’ rights and the cause of affordable housing. The Committee is an active participant in the Real Rent Reform Campaign. It authored and obtained support for a letter to the Governor, exposing and demanding an end to the state government’s tendency to make last minute concessions to the real estate industry. It commented on pending bills, participated in demonstrations, and located an Albany defense attorney for the Albany 12, legislators and activists arrested and accused of blocking access to the Governor’s office. It is gearing up for a civil rights action against the Office of Court Administration (OCA) for its sell-out of tenants via the so-called “Housing Court Blacklist.”

Labor and Employment Committee
Cristina Gallo, Co-Chair at
Garrett Kaske, Co-Chair
g.kaske at
The NLG-NYC Labor and Employment Committee brings progressive lawyers together who are fighting for workers’ rights, both in the union and the non‐union context.

Mass Defense Committee
Bruce Bentley, Chair
bkbentley at
The NLG‐NYC Mass Defense Committee (MDC) was created in 1968 to provide legal support in NYC to the anti‐racist and anti‐Vietnam war movements. The MDC recruits and trains legal observers to protect First Amendment rights of expression by documenting police misconduct and arrests of protestors at political demonstrations. The MDC also recruits and coordinates pro bono Guild lawyers to represent protest arrestees in court.

Mass Incarceration Committee
Nora Carroll, Chair
carroll.nora at

Military Law Committee
Aaron Frishberg, Facilitator
lawyerADF at
The NLG-NYC Military Law Committee works in coordination with the national Military Law Task Force and assists service members and veterans with legal problems that arise out of service in the U.S. military, including such issues as finding a basis for discharge, avoiding court martial convictions, and assuring that veterans benefits and military medical pensions to which the ex-GI may be entitled are not denied. Supervision is provided to newer lawyers, law students, legal workers, and barracks lawyers who wish to counsel military members and veterans about their options. Formal and informal trainings and up-trainings for members and others are part of the work of the committee.

Muslim Defense Project
Bina Ahmad and Beena Ahmad
muslimdefense at
The Muslim Defense Project (MDP) of the New York City Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG-NYC) was formed to combat the anti-Muslim rhetoric and policies that have created a comprehensive system of illegal surveillance, predatory prosecutions, and the policing of entire Muslim communities — in New York City and beyond. We stand in solidarity, as members of these communities and their allies, to seek the elimination of laws that enable the discrimination of Muslims. We will arm our communities with the knowledge and information they need to protect themselves. We will put our legal skills to use defending those who have fallen prey to predatory prosecutions. We recognize that community ties through trust and activism have been under attack over the past several years, and we endeavor to safeguard and build those precious relationships.Through organizing and activism, we seek to build a strong front by developing alliances with other communities who have also been the subject of the government’s repression.  Together, we will fight this government onslaught on our fundamental rights — as history has taught us that the rights of one community or individual belong to us all.

Newsletter Committee
Susan Howard, Chair
nlgnyc at

Next Generation Committee
nextgen at
The NLG-NYC Next Generation Committee (Next Gen) welcomes progressive law students, recent graduates, legal workers, young lawyers, and law school candidates in the NYC area interested in radical lawyering and social change. Next Gen sponsors social events and works to support and sustain the “next generation” of the Guild. Next Gen’s Mentorship Project supports radical and progressive law students and new legal workers, promotes new leadership within the Guild and develops lasting bonds among our members.

Street Law Team
Diane Johnston, Student Coordinator
streetlaw at
The NLG-NYC Street Law Team, a group of law students from various New York City law schools, are available to facilitate “Know Your Rights: What to Do if You’re Stopped by the Police” workshops. The workshop gives participants a chance to talk about the police and their rights when the police stop or search them. Participants take apart a police encounter – from a conversation, to detention, to arrest – and talk about how to protect their rights.


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